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I began my teaching career in 2010 as an Elementary Music Educator at Mayfield Elementary in Madison County, Kentucky.  Mayfield was a highly diverse school, with a large free and reduced population.  As the music educator, I was privileged to teach all students, kindergarten through fifth grade.  I gave them opportunities to grow and succeed in a non-traditional academic setting.  My student performed regularly and they were twice invited to perform at Historic Renfro Valley... 

It isn't enough to know what works in our classrooms. We have to know why it works!

"His expertise as a researcher and as a practitioner was evident and his passion for using data to drive improvement was contagious."

- Jennifer Horvath


"He is motivational and inspiring while also telling the truth and helping our students to understand the reality of the world they are entering in to."

- Preshus Howard

    Union College

"Dr. Courtney has the unique ability to capture and maintain the attention of those attending his presentations with his immeasurable knowledge and experience."

- Christina Gevedon

     University of Kentucky

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