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Evidence Empowered Educator Coaching

Are you an educator seeking to grow your skills and become empowered by evidence? Let me walk that journey with you! I will design a custom series of coaching sessions to help you fill your knowledge gap and grow in confidence.

Listen, we all need an extra hand every now and then. My coaching program is designed to be just that. I can help you learn to read, interpret, and apply the results of research, develop processes to help you use research more effectively within your setting, or show you how to use your locally sourced data to make better decisions.


My coaching program works great for both classroom teachers and building or system level leaders who need a directed and customized professional learning right now. When you become part of my coaching network, your success will become my top priority!

Each coaching client will receive access to a curated library of resources as well as recommendations for other resources that may be of benefit.


You will have access to a custom web portal where I will upload your custom curated resources and where we can track our ongoing progress together.

Web Portal

Coaching programs are completely individualized. We can meet one time for an hour, or 30 minutes twice a week for a year. I'm here to meet YOUR unique needs.


We will work together to determine which activities will be most valuable to you and your individual professional learning goals.


This program is rooted in the most current research on research use in education. You can view my references list here.

Guiding Research

Evidence Empowered Educator coaching is only available in an online format.

Available Formats

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