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Using data to inform classroom decisions can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! I offer data analytics services that help your school analyze student performance data and then use the data to personalize and enhance their learning experiences to achieve optimum results.

Education institutions in the country are at a crossroads. With increased competition, funding cuts, and new and innovative ways of learning, having an excellent data strategy is instrumental in addressing critical problems as well as ensuring survival. My clients partner with me to gain a new understanding of their students, accelerate their digital transformations, and solve today’s most significant education challenges.

Improving Schools through Data Insights


With my data analytics services, I can help your institution solve numerous leadership challenges, such as curriculum planning and technology operations that drive student achievement. By staying abreast of all the benefits and unique opportunities that data analytics and research can unlock, school and classroom leaders can make informed and timely decisions on where they should focus their time and efforts and improve and streamline the educational process.


Maximize the opportunities that you offer both in and out of your classroom by harnessing the incredible power of cutting-edge data analytics technologies. I work with various academic institutions, such as colleges, schools, and non-profits to drive modernization, gain valuable insights into student behaviors, and support important campus wide technology and data initiatives.

Why Outsource your School’s Data Analytics?


Not every district can afford to hire a full-time data team to work at central office – that’s where I come in.  You can hire me for data analytics on a project-by-project basis and your schools can benefit in the following ways:

Find Answers to Challenging Questions

There is no doubt that evaluating and assessing your current data is one of the best ways to strategize innovative solutions to the tricky challenges and issues facing the modern education field. So, the more you will know and understand your history, the more you’ll likely learn from it.

From Valuable Data Insights to Action

As a teacher and analyst, I know that what happens in the classroom is likely to have a considerable impact on overall student success. My focus on curriculum and strategy evaluation through data helps education institutions, such as K-12 schools, improve and streamline the student learning experience. It is not only about having access to data and offering visibility into program and course data—but it is also about making sure that a specific course is adequately enabled for data. I can help you build sustainable structures to ensure that data collection and analysis becomes routine and automated.  


I can help your school or educational institute:

  • Improve student outcomes by delivering accurate data, in a customized context, to help your faculty members intervene early so they can improve student engagement in a more proactive and meaningful way.

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of student services, leveraging data to optimize use by learners that need the most help.

  • Illustrate the value of support services, interventions, and various learning technology investments for your school as they relate to overall student performance.

Focus on Intervention

I know that when a student is in need schools must act fast to meet those needs. I make sure that all projects I work on inform timely tactical interventions that will help both students and educational institutions succeed.

Data helps you Adapt

I will help you identify trends, that you can use to develop new classes, implement new teaching strategies, and find creative ways to give your students and teachers what they need.

Save Costs

You know that proper and efficient resource allocation is essential with today’s limited education budgets, and your student data is the key to organizational efficiency. Your data can offer valuable insights to help you make the best decisions for your institution.

Use Data Creatively


I work with schools, districts, non-profits, universities, and policymakers to identify unique ways to make education systems better. My services include the following:

Data Analytics

I use a collaborative and integrative approach to help you make the most of the data you have by using it in rigorous, creative ways to better understand your teachers, students, and leaders. I can deliver actionable insights to address various challenges, from operating efficiency and performance improvement to growth strategy and cost management, so that you can focus on your primary educational mission. I have several areas of expertise and can provide you with many thoughtful and innovative ways to analyze data.

My process is centered on the needs of practitioners. You won’t get pages of jargon and theory from me (unless that’s what you want). I will prepare and present your data in a way that is immediately actionable and understandable.

Data Visualization and Reporting

I use a focused stakeholder process using the latest visualization and data reporting approaches to bring valuable analytics directly into your hands in meaningful and actionable ways so you can take concrete steps toward improvement. I also provide robust and creative data dashboards that allow you to manipulate, dive into, and explore your data. Analytics dashboards can look slick and fancy, but if they are not visualizing the right thing, they are nothing more than just pretty charts. I can identify the most important data points and interpret them into meaningful and value-driven reports.

Technical Assistance

I can provide technical assistance to your school throughout the entire life-cycle of education programs and policies, which include design, implementation, sustainability, and continuous improvement.  I can also help you design sustainable structures for making data collection and analysis a part of daily life in your institution.

Working with a Data Expert Helps!


When teachers and educators use data to drive their plans and decisions, they can respond to problems and issues more effectively, devise new teaching methods and techniques, and advance skill sets much faster.  

However, many factors can slow the implementation of data-driven instruction in your schools, such as:

  • The volume of data! At times too much data may be overwhelming. Schools are collecting more data than ever before! Luckily, high volume is one of the key elements to successful data science. You just need someone to help you weed through it and get to actionable results.

  • I know that collecting accurate and reliable data requires discipline and focus. Many people are simply not comfortable with tracking progress. I can help you design systems that make this process feel more intentional and sustainable.

  • Interpreting data is a full-time job. Performing it in an actionable and effective way is time-consuming and needs advanced analytical skills. Many institutions cannot afford to hire a full-time data analyst. That’s where I come in! I work on a per-project basis to help you with immediate needs – only when you need me.

"I have had Matthew work with students at Union College many times. He is always very friendly and engaging and our students look forward to his return each semester. He is motivational and inspiring while also telling the truth and helping our students to understand the reality of the world they are entering in to. Matthew doesn’t sugarcoat reality, but his example and experience of overcoming challenges makes it seem a little less scary. We have already booked him twice for next year!"


~Preshus Howard, Union College

Frequently Asked Questions

How does data analytics benefit a school?

Schools collect many data points such as demographics, student assessments, health concerns, alumni placement, resource usage, student assessments, and teacher observation, etc.

Schools need to analyze data in order to help make better decisions about curriculum, school policies, and instructions. If all decision-makers and stakeholders within a school pay attention to the trends and numerical patterns from the analyzed data, they can easily determine how well their schools are performing and take some steps toward improvements.Schools can also recognize and even pre-empt various problems and then develop action plans to address them effectively.

How does data analytics benefit the overall teaching-learning process?

Quick analysis and evaluation of student performance data can help guide teachers lesson planning, conduct rapid interventions, and also support continuous improvement of all their students.

How do you keep my data safe?

Data security is my top priority! I use a secure file transfer protocol to transfer student data and associated reports between myself and my clients. NEVER work with a consultant who wants to use email or a free shared drive service to transfer student data – it simply isn’t safe. I pay an external vendor for extra security!

How long will my project take?

Every project is different. I will work with you and your timelines to get the information that you need quickly and efficiently.

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I have been in the teaching profession for more than a decade. I have considerable experience in data analytics and can help you make sense of the mountains of education data that you collect and evaluate the effectiveness of the programs in your school.

If you have any questions or you are ready to discuss how I can help you evolve your organization, contact me today!

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