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Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Education

With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA), the education profession has undergone a renewed interest and focus on evidence-based decision-making. ESSA gave the education field a new definition of evidence-based practices that has left many education leaders wondering – what are we supposed to do now?

In Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Education, we will dive deeply into the theories, tools, and processes necessary to thrive in this new environment. This workshop is suitable for

decision-makers at every level; including systems, schools, and classrooms.


In this interactive, six-hour workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the underlying theories of evidence-based decision-making. We will begin by exploring both the legal and moral responsibilities that educators have to consider when incorporating evidence into their processes. Next, we will uncover a variety of tools that will help leaders find pre-vetted practices and programs, as well as individual sources of evidence, that leaders can be use to build logic models to support their decisions. Finally, participants will work in small teams to explore and evaluate sources of evidence related to a current problem of practice in their setting.


Evidence review can be intimidating. That is why this workshop includes detailed discussions of the most common study design frameworks and analytic techniques. Decision-makers will walk away with a new understanding of how researchers collect data and study problems. This understanding is crucial to their ability to make evidence-informed decisions with accuracy and confidence.

This course is highly customized, therefore participants will curate their own materials and have access to videos and supporting documentation.


Your team will have access to a customized web portal for 90 days following the training. This portal will include tutorial videos and additional resources to extend their learning.

Web Portal

This workshop is only available in a six hour format. Hosts are encouraged to plan for three hours in the morning, an hour break for lunch, and three hours in the afternoon.


Participants will explore evidence related to a decision they are currently struggling with. They will access research databases, review evidence in small groups, and make a decision.


This program is rooted in the most current research on research use in education. You can view my references list here.

Guiding Research

This workshop is only available in-person.

Available Formats

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