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Exploratory Data Analysis
in the Classroom


Exploratory data analysis (EDA) is a flexible and iterative process of working with data to make better decisions. It is the process used by big businesses, like Google and Amazon, to uncover useful information about their customers and make decisions to improve their systems and processes.


EDA is an ideal protocol for education practitioners! It is process oriented, meaning you can embed it into your existing improvement frameworks without creating new burden, and theory-light, so your team can begin to implement new skills and uncover new takeaways right away.

My EDA workshops are designed to get your team up and moving in just a few hours. We will create an emotionally safe learning environment by applying new skills to modeled data. Make sure you bring your laptops! This is not a sit-and-get workshop. Your team will work collaboratively to examine data, model professional conversations, and practice resolving hypothetical problems based on real-world experiences.


We will focuses on easy, foundational spreadsheet skills. Your team will learn to analyze any dataset using Google Sheets or Excel. This means that no matter what their data looks like in the future, your team will have the skills to tackle it.


Finally, the workshop will prepare your team to design their own customized data protocols and dashboards. This makes EDA a replicable process that supports existing efforts without adding to an already overburdened workload.

Participants will receive a copy of my book, Exploratory Data Analysis in the Classroom. We will use the book throughout the training so that it can be a rich reference source for later.


Your team will have access to a customized web portal for 90 days following the training. This portal will include tutorial videos and additional resources to extend their learning.

Web Portal

When delivered in-person, this workshop requires a minimum of three hours and can be delivered as either two, three-hour sessions in one day, or one, six-hour session that dives a little deeper.


Participants will work with modeled student data that is made to look just like the worksheets they're used to reviewing. This allows them to practice in a safe emotional environment.


This program is rooted in the most current research on data-driven decision-making. You can view my references list here.

Guiding Research

If you're looking for a hands-on approach, this workshop can be delivered in person. For a more flexible approach, the program can be delivered as a 4 session online module.

Available Formats

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