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Keynote Addresses

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Invite me to connect with your audience and share the power of evidence and data use. I am on a mission to help the education profession fully self-actualize as an evidence-informed profession. During our time together, I will share theories, stories, and tips to inspire your audience to enter the world of evidence use.

In the wake of COVID-19, nobody wants to sit through a 90-minute lecture. That is why my keynotes are designed to be interactive. Each presentation will begin with a 20-30 minute

discussion on the specific sub-elements you want to cover. After that, I will sit with a member of your team for a facilitated conversation and Q&A session. I will provide a list of questions to get us started and your audience will carry us across the finish line.


I love to connect with teacher and leaders directly; so I don’t disappear once my time on stage is up. I will be available throughout the day to connect one-on-one with your audience members and engage them in deeper conversation and support.

Your audience will receive access to relevant tools and research articles to extend their learning beyond the keynote address.


Your team will have access to a customized web portal that will guide them through their PLC process, store their materials, and provide ongoing support for 90 days following the program.

Web Portal

All keynote addresses are consist of two elements; a 20-30 minute address followed by a 30-40 minute facilitated discussion with Q&A.


All keynote addresses include an opportunity for lively Q&A and group discussion. I will also be available for private chats following the session.


This program is rooted in the most current research on research use in education. You can view my references list here.

Guiding Research

Keynote addresses can be made available in either in-person or virtual formats.


Available Formats

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