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Knowledge Brokering

Your Guide to Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Educational Leadership

As an educational leader, the significance of informed, research-driven decision-making cannot be overstated. Whether it's selecting the most effective curriculum, implementing impactful educational interventions, securing grants, or confidently communicating decisions to your stakeholders, the foundation lies in evidence-based educational practices. Navigating the extensive realm of educational research relevant to your unique context can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This is where I, as your dedicated educational knowledge broker, step in.

Think of me as your guide in the intricate world of education research and evidence-based strategies. Much like a guide charting a path through rugged terrain, I explore the vast landscape of educational research for you. I meticulously sort, synthesize, and align relevant information with your specific educational context.

My tailored knowledge brokering services are designed to streamline your workload, allowing you to concentrate on what you excel at: steering your educational institution towards excellence. Unlike generic knowledge brokers, I offer a highly personalized service, recognizing and addressing the distinct needs and challenges of your school or educational organization.

Partnering with me means joining forces with someone committed to promoting swift and assured evidence-based decisions in education. My goal is to ensure that your decisions are not just well-informed but also effectively communicated, leading to tangible improvements in student achievement and educational outcomes.

Through my specialized knowledge brokering, I aim to make your journey towards educational excellence less daunting and more rewarding. Allow me to guide you, one evidence-based decision at a time, towards transforming your educational environment.

Dr. Courtney has become my go-to expert whenever it comes to empowering educators with research skills. The way he demystifies the process of finding, understanding, and applying research is truly exceptional. Each session he has led for our educators has resulted in tangible improvements in our ability to make evidence-based decisions. His interactive, learner-centered approach keeps everyone engaged and makes learning enjoyable. The impact of Dr. Courtney's guidance extends far beyond the training sessions - we now have a team of educators who feel confident in utilizing research in their daily practices. For anyone seeking to create an evidence-informed culture in their school, Dr. Courtney is your guy.

~ Jason Reeves, Ed.D., Park View Consultants, LLC

Three Packages to Meet Your Needs


Benefits: The Insight package includes a selection of 10 curated and relevant research articles related to your educational challenges. This selection will provide a solid base for understanding the current research trends in your area of interest.

Timeline: 1 week from initial consultation to final delivery.


Benefits: The Wisdom package includes everything from the Insight package, plus a synthesis of the research into a report that factors in your local context. This allows you to move from understanding the research to applying it effectively.

Timeline: 2-3 weeks from initial consultation to strategic plan delivery.


Benefits: The Sage package incorporates the Wisdom tier offerings, augmented with three consultation meetings. This comprehensive package provides an ongoing, evidence-informed strategic plan tailored to your needs.

Timeline: Initial deliverables in 2-3 weeks, with three follow-up meetings.

I was apprehensive about using research to guide my decision-making process. It felt overwhelming and outside of my comfort zone. Matthew, however, changed all of that. His coaching not only provided me with the skills I needed to navigate research effectively, but it also built up my confidence. Now, I approach research with excitement rather than fear, knowing that I have the tools to make informed, evidence-based decisions for my students. This program truly transformed my approach to education

~ Sarah Peace, School Leader

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Why Choose Me?

A Partner who Understands Education

With a rich background as an educator, I've experienced firsthand the challenges and opportunities in the education system. I have spent meaningful time in the classroom, working alongside teachers, parents, and students. This insider perspective allows me to understand the nuances of your specific needs, making me a uniquely qualified partner in your decision-making process.

A Policy Maker who Knows the System

My experience as a policy maker equips me with a deep understanding of the education landscape, both locally and nationally. This allows me to draw from an extensive network of professionals, and an intimate knowledge of policy and system changes that can impact your school. Leveraging this experience, I can provide insights that are not just theoretically sound but also practically implementable.

A Published Researcher with a Critical Eye

Being a published researcher, I have the training and expertise to dive deep into academic studies, reports, and other data sources. I will dissect, synthesize, and translate this research into understandable, actionable insights, providing you with data-driven recommendations that can inform your school's strategic decision-making.


An Advisor Backed by Prestigious Associations

As an advisor to the Center for Research Use in Education at the University of Delaware, I am constantly engaged with cutting-edge research in education. This association enables me to stay abreast of the latest developments, tools, and practices in research use, which can be critical in addressing your school's unique challenges.


In sum, my unique blend of experiences as an educator, policy maker, published researcher, and advisor equips me to serve as a highly effective knowledge broker for your school. My commitment is to make your job easier by bringing you the right information, at the right time, in the right format.

Choose me as your knowledge broker and let's work together to build an even brighter future for your students.

Matthew Courtney brought energy and enthusiasm to the topics of data and evidence-based research for the purposes of school improvement.  His expertise as a researcher and as a practitioner was evident and his passion for using data to drive improvement was contagious.  He was very insightful and provided information and ideas educators could easily take back to their school and implement to support their improvement efforts. 

~ Jennifer Horvath, Cognia

Harness the Power of Evidence

Embark on your journey of evidence-based decision-making with one of my Knowledge Brokering packages. Equip your team with relevant research, insightful synthesis, and personalized coaching sessions. Navigate the vast ocean of educational data with a steady hand, and empower your institution with strategies founded on concrete evidence.

Don't let the enormity of research-based decision-making hold you back. Make the smart choice. Choose knowledge. Choose confidence. Choose success.

Ready to elevate your decision-making process? Click the button below, and let's start building a more evidence-empowered future together. Your educational journey awaits.

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