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Evidence Infused
PLC Program

Evidence-informed educators are empowered educators! My Evidence Infused PLC Program is designed to help your teams learn to use evidence to discover new ideas and improve their professional practice.


When educators gather to discuss their work and learn from one another, they unlock the magic that comes from a networked and interconnected community. Effective PLC teams face and solve problems together. By learning to use evidence within the context of a PLC meeting, your team will discover new ways to communicate about their problems.


For many educators, research review and use doesn’t come naturally. That is why this program is designed to be facilitated over the course of a semester. I will work with your team to identify a problem of practice that they want to understand more deeply.

Together, we will participate in six virtual PLC meetings where I will teach your team how to use research and will lead them through their discussions. My role is scaffolded to meet the needs of each PLC team and my involvement will strategically fade each meeting to ensure that your team has the skills and confidence to continue to use evidence without me.


Time-stretched educators often struggle to source evidence on their own. That is why I begin the process by sourcing relevant evidence for them. Their evidence will be stored and shared in a password protected web portal. Over time, as their comfort level grows, this process is also scaffolded so that they are sourcing and discussing their own articles. This leads to greater sustainability once the supports are removed.

Participants in this program will have access to research articles related to a problem of practice as well as supporting materials and analytic tools.


Your team will have access to a customized web portal that will guide them through their PLC process, store their materials, and provide ongoing support for 90 days following the program.

Web Portal

This program takes place over the course of one semester. PLC teams are asked to dedicate 6 PLC meetings to complete the program.


Participants will work with their PLC teams to review evidence, apply new learning to their classroom, and reflect on how the evidence can change their practice.


This program is rooted in the most current research on research use in education. You can view my references list here.

Guiding Research

This program can be made available in both in-person or virtual formats. As it requires six meetings over the course of a semester, virtual options are the most cost effective.

Available Formats

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