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Unlock the potential hidden in your student data! “Exploratory Data Analysis in the Classroom” offers a no-fuss methodology for making sense of your student data. Exploratory data analysis, or EDA, is an iterative, process oriented method for mining useful insights out of large sets of student data. This book presents practical, step-by-step directions to transform even the most data-hesitant teachers into thoughtful data analysts.


In addition to clear cut instructions that work across all spreadsheet platforms, this book places common data analysis tasks into a real-world context using fictional vignettes. You will also gain access to free online resources that will supplement your learning and allow you to test your understanding along the way. This book makes a great addition to every educator’s library.


This book includes:

  • A discussion on education data and the importance of regular analysis;
  • A process based, theory-light approach to student data analysis;
  • Step-by-step directions to help you create a replicable process;
  • Easy to use spreadsheet functions that work across all platforms;
  • Illustrative vignettes to help you see each analysis task in a classroom context; and
  • Access to online materials that will support and extend your learning.


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Exploratory Data Analysis in the Classroom