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***New for 2020-21***

The COVID-19 Pandemic changed how we do EVERYTHING

 - especially professional learning. I am well versed in delivering high-quality virtual training to teachers. For the 2020-21 school year, I am offering five unique packages to help get your faculty up to speed. In our new normal, student data analysis is more important than ever before! Let’ me help you equip your staff with the skills they need to help every student find success!


Flat-Rate Packages for Virtual Training

Online PLC Facilitation

Online professional learning community (PLC) facilitation is a cost-effective way to help your PLC groups learn to use their student data more effectively. During the PLC meeting, I will help your teachers analyze student data and lead them through a discussion to help them better understand what the data is telling them about their students. I will help them develop next steps, answer burning questions, and assist in the development of monitoring mechanisms moving forward.

Online PLC Facilitation only $75 per hour!

Online Instructional Webinar

Need a quick jump start? Try an online instructional webinar. These 60-90 minute sessions provide your staff with quick and accessible information about data analysis and data theory.  They are jam packed with tips and tricks to get your educators started with deeper data analysis. These sessions are focused on passing along information quickly and efficiently.

Online Instructional Webinars only $200!

Two-Stage Webinar

Looking for something with a little more application? The two-stage webinar is a great option. These interactive webinars take place over the course of a week. On day one, usually a Monday, participants experience a 90-minute interactive webinar on a data analysis topic of your choice.  They are left with homework to complete throughout the week. On the final day, they experience a second 90-minute interactive webinar where they can extend their learning by discussing their experience with their data analysis project.

Two-Stage Webinars only $350!

Month Long Intensive

The month-long intensive program applies the best of adult learning theory to the virtual environment. With five interactive webinars and unlimited email technical support, your faculty and staff will dig more deeply into their data analysis tasks than ever before. I will work with you to develop a custom curriculum that meets your school’s unique needs. Each interactive webinar will include new data theory and techniques and time for teams to discuss and think. Between webinars, teachers will be challenged with application tasks that will be discussed at the next webinar. Throughout the program, your teachers have unlimited email technical support from me in case they get stuck! This program is designed to overhaul your data analysis processes in one month with a focus on replicable systems!

Month Long Intensives only $1,000!

Month Long Asynchronous Course   

Are your teachers working form home or on alternating schedules? An asynchronous course may be better for you! I will design a month long asynchronous professional learning experience for your team that will focus on the theory and skills necessary to meet your data needs. Teachers will watch videos, read articles, and complete performance tasks to hone their skills, all while receiving unlimited email support from me as they complete their tasks. Each course is custom built, so please plan for a two-week development window prior to launching the course.

Month Long Asynchronous Courses only $1,500!

Not quite ready to book?

No worries! Hiring a training consultant is an important decision. Before you go, make sure you check out the FREE data analysis tools that I offer on my webpage! They are a great way to engage your staff in a low-skill, practitioner friendly data analysis process.

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