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Educational Knowledge Brokering

Your Guide to Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Education

As a dedicated leader in education, you're committed to making well-informed, evidence-based decisions in every aspect of school management. Whether it's selecting the optimal curriculum, implementing effective educational interventions, crafting a successful grant application, or making strategic decisions that resonate with your stakeholders, the foundation lies in reliable, context-specific research. This is where my specialized role as a Knowledge Broker in Education comes into play.

Think of me as your educational guide, navigating the complex terrain of academic research and evidence. In a manner akin to a Sherpa charting paths on Mt. Everest, I explore the extensive landscape of educational research, meticulously gathering and synthesizing relevant data and insights. My role extends to collaborating with you, applying this curated knowledge within your school's unique environment.


My bespoke knowledge brokering services are tailored to save valuable time and resources for educational leaders like you. This personalized approach sets me apart from other knowledge brokers who might rely on generic information. I focus on understanding the specific needs and challenges of your institution, ensuring a service that's as unique as your educational environment.


By choosing to work with me, you gain a partner in fostering quicker, more assured decision-making grounded in evidence. My goal is to ensure that your decisions are not only well-informed but are also communicated effectively, leading to tangible improvements in student outcomes and school performance.

With my expertise in knowledge brokering, the journey towards educational excellence becomes less daunting and more achievable. Let me be your guide in this journey, helping you take confident, evidence-based steps towards enhancing the educational experience at your school.

Dr. Courtney has become my go-to expert whenever it comes to empowering educators with research skills. The way he demystifies the process of finding, understanding, and applying research is truly exceptional. Each session he has led for our educators has resulted in tangible improvements in our ability to make evidence-based decisions. His interactive, learner-centered approach keeps everyone engaged and makes learning enjoyable. The impact of Dr. Courtney's guidance extends far beyond the training sessions - we now have a team of educators who feel confident in utilizing research in their daily practices. For anyone seeking to create an evidence-informed culture in their school, Dr. Courtney is your guy.

~ Jason Reeves, Ed.D., Park View Consultants, LLC

Three Packages to Meet Your Needs


Benefits: The Insight package includes a selection of 10 curated and relevant research articles related to your educational challenges. This selection will provide a solid base for understanding the current research trends in your area of interest.

Timeline: 1 week from initial consultation to final delivery.


Benefits: The Wisdom package includes everything from the Insight package, plus a synthesis of the research into a report that factors in your local context. This allows you to move from understanding the research to applying it effectively.

Timeline: 2-3 weeks from initial consultation to strategic plan delivery.


Benefits: The Sage package incorporates the Wisdom tier offerings, augmented with three consultation meetings. This comprehensive package provides an ongoing, evidence-informed strategic plan tailored to your needs.

Timeline: Initial deliverables in 2-3 weeks, with three follow-up meetings.

Why Choose Me?

A Knowledge Broker with Deep Educational Expertise

As an experienced educator, I bring firsthand insights into the challenges and opportunities within the education sector. My time in the classroom, collaborating with teachers, parents, and students, has given me a comprehensive understanding of the educational landscape. This unique perspective ensures that I am perfectly positioned to comprehend and address your school's specific needs, making me an invaluable partner in your decision-making process.

Policy Expertise for Tailored Educational Solutions

My background as an education policy expert provides me with a thorough grasp of the educational system, both at local and national levels. This expertise allows me to tap into a vast network of professionals and stay informed about significant policy and systemic shifts that could affect your institution. Utilizing this knowledge, I offer not only theoretically sound advice but also practical, implementable solutions.

Rigorous Research for Data-Driven Decision Making

As a published academic researcher in education, I possess the necessary skills to meticulously analyze academic studies, reports, and data. My role involves breaking down complex research into clear, actionable insights, offering you data-driven recommendations to guide your school's strategic planning.

An Advisor at the Forefront of Educational Research

In my role advising the Center for Research Use in Education at the University of Delaware, I'm continually engaged with the latest educational research. This involvement ensures I'm always updated on new tools, trends, and best practices in education, crucial for tackling your institution's unique challenges.

Harness the Power of Evidence

Begin your path towards enhanced evidence-based decision-making with my comprehensive Knowledge Brokering services. Equip your educational leadership team with meticulously researched information, insightful data synthesis, and tailored coaching sessions designed for the education sector. Navigate through the complex world of educational research and data with expertise, and empower your school with strategies rooted in solid, actionable evidence.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the vast scope of research-driven decision-making in education. Opt for the intelligent approach. Choose knowledge. Choose confidence. Choose educational success.

Are you ready to transform your decision-making process? Click the button below to embark on a journey towards a more evidence-informed educational future. Together, we will pave the way for enhanced learning outcomes and institutional success. Your journey in advancing education awaits.

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