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Notice of AI Use

This is a formal notice to all users and visitors of this website that some of the content you may encounter here is created with the assistance of an artificial intelligence model, specifically OpenAI's GPT-4, commonly known as ChatGPT.

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to computer systems built to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks such as learning, problem-solving, perception, and language understanding. Generative AI, a subset of AI, is particularly designed to create new content that is novel and contextually relevant, such as texts, images, videos, or music.

In our case, we use a text-based Generative AI known as ChatGPT, which is a form of AI developed by OpenAI. It's a powerful language model that uses machine learning techniques to produce human-like text.

ChatGPT is based on a machine learning model known as a transformer, which uses context from input data to predict or generate subsequent information. It's trained on a diverse range of internet text, but it doesn't know specifics about which documents were in its training set or have access to any personal data unless explicitly provided in a conversation.

How do we use ChatGPT?

We utilize ChatGPT to assist in generating some of the text-based content you may encounter on this website. Its application spans across various facets, including but not limited to, drafting articles, generating ideas, enhancing creative writing, and automating responses.

Please be aware that while ChatGPT strives to produce relevant and coherent responses, the output is not always perfect. The AI does not inherently understand context in the same way a human does, so there can be occasional errors, irrelevant responses, or tone mismatches.

Data Privacy and Security

Your privacy and data security are paramount to us. When using AI like ChatGPT, we take strict measures to ensure data privacy and security. The AI does not store personal data passed during the conversation nor does it have the ability to access or retrieve personal data from previous interactions, unless such information is explicitly mentioned within the context of a current conversation.


User Responsibility

We trust our users to interact responsibly with the AI-generated content on this website. Please keep in mind that the AI does not generate advice or information that can replace professional consultation in any field.


We encourage all users to report any content generated by ChatGPT on this website that may appear inappropriate, harmful, or misleading.


We hope this disclosure provides clarity about our use of AI. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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