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Client Testimonials

Alliance to Save Energy, Director of Education

Bridget Hachfield

I’m the director of education for a non-profit out of Washington DC and I think coaching, and specifically coaching around data, can be intimidating for many people. Having worked with Matthew in the past I knew that he had a true gift for really helping people assess where they are, clarify their needs for the short and long term, and to really coach people in a way that takes these complex nuanced topics and breaks them down into manageable chunks. That's what we needed and that's what we were looking for and he more than came through for us on that.  Honestly, without reservation, I would recommend anyone to work with Matthew. Our experience was really fruitful. Every day I see the work that we did with Matthew show up in things. Our team running a little more efficiently in our processes being a little more hammered out in a way that is really helps with not only clarity but efficiency.

Southeast South Central Educational Cooperative

Leah Marcum

I've had the great pleasure of working with Dr. Matthew Courtney in the SESC Continuing Education Option (CEO) Rank Change Program where he instructs the Action Research Methods for Teacher Leaders course.  


The CEO Program participants consistently share how much they enjoy the course and how pleasantly surprised they are with their professional growth as a result of their action research project.  They are able to work collaboratively with other educators to embark on action research projects that address pressing issues within their own classroom or organizations, and make informed decisions based on a comprehensive analysis of the available evidence.


Importantly, the course emphasizes the practical application of research findings in real-world settings. This hands-on approach allows participants to witness firsthand the transformative power of evidence-based practices and the potential positive impact on their stakeholders.


Dr. Courtney exemplifies professionalism and authenticity. We are thrilled with the positive outcomes he is able to achieve with our CEO participants and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come!  

E3 Coaching Participant

Sarah Peace

Before joining the Evidence Empowered Educator program, I was apprehensive about using research to guide my decision-making process. It felt overwhelming and outside of my comfort zone. Matthew, however, changed all of that. His coaching not only provided me with the skills I needed to navigate research effectively, but it also built up my confidence. Now, I approach research with excitement rather than fear, knowing that I have the tools to make informed, evidence-based decisions for my students. This program truly transformed my approach to education

Law of Attraction with Alleah

Alleah Friedrichs

Matthew spoke eloquently and powerfully about the issues stemming from the division of teachers working with kids and education strategy research. It was powerful to see there are resources for ANYONE wanting to strive toward making a positive difference. 

Park View Consultants, LLC

Jason Reeves, Ed.D.

Dr. Courtney has become my go-to expert whenever it comes to empowering educators with research skills. The way he demystifies the process of finding, understanding, and applying research is truly exceptional. Each session he has led for our educators has resulted in tangible improvements in our ability to make evidence-based decisions. His interactive, learner-centered approach keeps everyone engaged and makes learning enjoyable. The impact of Dr. Courtney's guidance extends far beyond the training sessions - we now have a team of educators who feel confident in utilizing research in their daily practices. For anyone seeking to create an evidence-informed culture in their school, Dr. Courtney is your guy.

E3 Coaching Participant

Carrie Rogers

Working with Matthew on my research project was an absolute revelation. I was grappling with a vast amount of information, unsure of how to distill it into something meaningful and actionable. Matthew's expertise in knowledge brokering helped me not only understand but truly appreciate the power of research. His insightful guidance enabled me to navigate the project effectively, and the end result was far more impactful than I could have ever achieved on my own. I can't recommend this program highly enough!


Jennifer Horvath, Ed.D.

Matthew Courtney brought energy and enthusiasm to the topics of data and evidence-based research for the purposes of school improvement.  His expertise as a researcher and as a practitioner was evident and his passion for using data to drive improvement was contagious.  He was very insightful and provided information and ideas educators could easily take back to their school and implement to support their improvement efforts. 

E3 Coaching Participant

Morgan Lovitt

Participating in the Evidence Empowered Educator Coaching Program was a game-changer for me. Before joining, I struggled with data analysis, often feeling overwhelmed by large data sets. But under Dr. Courtney's expert guidance, I not only learned how to navigate and analyze complex data sets but also found it surprisingly fascinating. Using Excel went from intimidating to empowering, unlocking insights I didn't know were possible.

University of Kentucky, College of Social Work

Christina Gevedon

The UK College of Social Work’s OPDCE is pleased to have Dr. Matthew Courtney as one of our continuing education presenters.  Dr. Courtney’s passion for and commitment to education along with his professionalism and implausible presentation skills make him an asset to the OPDCE.  Dr. Courtney has the unique ability to capture and maintain the attention of those attending his presentations with his immeasurable knowledge and experience.  What is exceptionally distinctive to Dr. Courtney as an educator in his ability to genuinely inspire those that attend his sessions.

Kentucky Department of Education

Kelly Foster, Ed.D.

Matthew Courtney has developed a step-by-step process that educators can use to establish a practical system for exploratory data analysis. This process is laid out so educators with any comfort level of data analysis can deploy the EDA process in the classroom and sustain the process over time. The system he has developed is practical, organized, and can be used individually or in a group setting. This resource is a priceless tool for beginning or veteran teachers to use when making data-driven decisions.

E3 Coaching Participant

Natasha Stein

Before working with Dr. Courtney, I found the task of finding and synthesizing research for decision-making in our school quite overwhelming. Dr. Courtney's coaching program was transformative for me. His patience, expertise, and practical approach made a complex process feel manageable and even enjoyable. Now, I don't just feel confident in finding relevant research, I can also interpret it, synthesize it, and apply it effectively to our unique local context.

Kentucky Education Association

Lisa Petrey-Kirk

When I first attended a workshop event in which Matthew was the trainer only then did I realize his full potential as a “teacher” of adult learners. He was alive, he was exciting and the room was electric with engagement. Educators are a tough bunch; after all they spend the majority of their days doing just that…engaging. But Matthew had them from go. He has the unique ability to reach every learner and offer each a comfortable entry in to the learning. He is my “go to guy” simply because in every instance when the evaluations come back from presenters, he is ranked number one. At more than one instance I have overheard participants talk about how they based their whole conference attendance on seeing Matthew’s name on the agenda. Your only problem when Matthew is a speaker is having enough space available - a good problem to have.

Union College

Preshus Howard

I have had Matthew work with students at Union College many times. He is always very friendly and engaging and our students look forward to his return each semester. He is motivational and inspiring while also telling the truth and helping our students to understand the reality of the world they are entering in to. Matthew doesn’t sugarcoat reality, but his example and experience of overcoming challenges makes it seem a little less scary. We have already booked him twice for next year!

Woodford County Public Schools

Samantha Sams

I was blown away by the power of his words. As a teacher leader and member of the teacher leadership movement, educators around the US are trying to create change in education, we take risks and ask questions and find solutions to problems that seem impossible. What is staggering is that Matthew did all of these things on his own. He had mentors and other educators that guided him on his journey, but he had the courage to take a risk, to be the change, to develop the solution. Matthew saw a deficit in education in the professional development realm and created an avenue that would be meaningful to all teachers. Matthew’s story is inspirational and speaks to the hearts of educators. His words ignite a spark that allow teachers to believe that they can also be change makers in their buildings, districts and beyond. He reminds us that teachers have a voice worth sharing and shows us how educators can be the change we all want to see in the teaching world.

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