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Black and Red Simple Minimal Architecture Book Cover (8 x 10 in).png

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Live virtual course are on hiatus until Fall 2023. Click here to be notified when new courses are scheduled.

Action Research for
School Improvement

Continuous school improvement is not a destination, but an ongoing journey. In my action research virtual course, you will learn how to identify a pressing problem, create innovative solutions, and study its impact. We'll focus on setting up a continuous refinement cycle to ensure your innovations evolve and improve over time. Equip yourself with the tools to become a self-sufficient problem-solver who can make lasting, evidence-based changes in your school or district.

Exploratory Data Analysis in Education

Data is often described as the new oil, but it's only valuable when refined into usable insights. My Exploratory Data Analysis course delves into the art and science of data conversation. Instead of simply answering specific questions, you will learn to listen to what the data has to say. Gain confidence in handling large datasets and extracting valuable information. We'll also explore effective data-informed decision-making and communication strategies, empowering you to bring data narratives to life.

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