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Empowering Educators: Harnessing Research to Transform Teaching

I'm Matthew Courtney,  a dedicated advocate for bridging the gap between academic research and classroom practice. My recent TEDx talk, "Empowering Educators: Harnessing Research to Transform Teaching," delves into the critical need for evidence-based education and the role each one of us plays in this transformative process.


As educators, researchers, policy-makers, and passionate lifelong learners, we stand at the forefront of an educational revolution. This platform is more than just a space to watch a talk; it's a community for thought leaders, educators, and change-makers who believe in the power of research to reshape our educational landscape.

Below you will find a selection of references for each of the claims made in the talk.

Claim: The D.A.R.E. program was wildly popular and cost $1 billion per year until researchers in the 1990s determined that the program made no impact on a student's chances of becoming a substance user.

Claim: The fields of education research and education practice evolved as two distinct areas leading to the persistent gaps that exist today.

Claim: Barriers exist that make it difficult for practicing educators to utilize research.

Claim: Barriers exist that make the production of education research difficult.

Claim: The medical profession underwent a 100 year transformation to become an evidence-based field.

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