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Adventures in
Action Research

Cover of 'Adventures in Action Research' by Matthew B. Courtney, Ed.D. – featuring a colorful design with abstract graphics symbolizing innovation and education. The title is prominently displayed at the top, with the author's name at the bottom. The background blends shades of blue and green, representing growth and intellectual exploration in educational research.

Choose your path to School Improvement Through Action Research!

Are you an educator grappling with persistent classroom challenges or exploring innovative teaching methods? 'Adventures in Action Research' is your essential guide to transforming classroom dynamics and enhancing student learning.


Discover the power of action research, a systematic approach designed for educators to deeply analyze and effectively address various classroom issues. This method is not just a theoretical concept but a practical tool for continuous improvement, empowering educators to make informed decisions for their students' benefit.


My journey with action research began while teaching elementary general music, where a simple issue like a pencil sharpener disruption led to significant classroom management challenges. By applying action research, I developed effective strategies that not only solved this issue but also maximized my teaching effectiveness.


Unlike other resources that overly focus on theoretical aspects, 'Adventures in Action Research' bridges the gap by providing practical, step-by-step guidance. Each section includes thought-provoking questions and directs you to detailed instructions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and application of action research in your unique educational setting.


Enhance your action research experience with our supportive online resources, including instructional videos and tools, tailored to help you successfully implement these strategies in your classroom projects.

Adventures in Action Research

Easy, Replicable Steps

Embark on a unique educational journey with 'Adventures in Action Research', where the complex world of educational research is simplified into accessible, easy-to-follow steps. This innovative guide is crafted like a choose-your-own-adventure book, offering a personalized and engaging approach to learning action research methodologies.


As you delve into each chapter, you'll be seamlessly guided through the stages of your action research project, ensuring a clear path towards completion. Whether you're a novice researcher or an experienced educator, this book is designed to keep you on track and motivated.


'Adventures in Action Research' stands out by encompassing a wide array of research methodologies. It meticulously covers steps for conducting various types of studies, including randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental studies, correlational studies, descriptive studies, single-case studies, and qualitative research. This comprehensive coverage makes it an invaluable resource for educators and researchers seeking to deepen their understanding of educational research methods.


With its unique format and extensive content, this book is not just a guide but an essential tool for educators aiming to improve their research skills and make a meaningful impact in their educational settings."

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Take a Peek Inside!

What You Will Learn

Discover the art and science of educational innovation with 'Adventures in Action Research'. This comprehensive guide demystifies the theories of action research and provides a practical roadmap for applying these concepts in real-world classroom settings.


Designed with clarity and ease of use in mind, this book breaks down the process into simple, replicable steps, guiding educators through six common study designs. It's an ideal resource for teachers and educational practitioners aiming to apply the scientific method to tackle everyday challenges in their classrooms. By following this guide, you will learn to design, implement, and test your own solutions, tailored to your unique educational environment and schedule.


'Adventures in Action Research' empowers educators with the tools to:

  • Transform classroom challenges into well-defined research questions.

  • Conduct comprehensive literature reviews to inform their strategies.

  • Design robust studies for testing and validating their educational interventions.

  • Analyze data effectively to gauge the success of their efforts.

  • Make informed decisions to drive continuous improvement in their teaching practices.


Each step is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your classroom dynamics, leading to impactful and sustainable improvements.

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