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Pre-test, Post-test Analysis Tool

Student assessment is the backbone of a successful classroom, but to really begin to understand the impact of teaching, teachers need to be able to quickly analyze pre-test and post-test data. I designed the Pre-test, Post-test Analysis Tool (PPAT) to be an incredibly easy and efficient way for teachers to gain better insight into their student data. With just a few clicks, the PPAT will prepare a report that you can use to jump-start your data conversations.



  1. Prepare your data. Your data must consist of columns with headings for each variable you want to examine. The PPAT can only analyze numerical variables. Save your data as a .CSV file.

  2. Upload your data to the PPAT by selecting “Browse” and selecting your file from the list. Remember, you should never upload personally identifiable data for yourself or your students to the web!

  3. The PPAT will automatically produce a summary for the first column in your spreadsheet. Use the drop-down box to tell the PPAT which columns hold your pre-test and post-test data.

  4. The PPAT will present a summary of your pre-test and post-test data as well as an analysis which compares the two. You can view these readouts by selecting the tabs to the right of the grey box.

  5. The reads from these pages can be copied and pasted into a document or slide show to share with your data team


If you need additional help or want more detailed information about how to use the DAT or interpret its results, please review the technical directions page. You can also use this sample file to practice.

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