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Distribution Analysis Tool

This tool is a simple spreadsheet analyzer that allows you to upload any type of spreadsheet file and analyze a selected column. It calculates summary statistics such as mean, median, mode, minimum, maximum, range, and standard deviation, and generates a boxplot and histogram for the selected column. It is an educational tool and not suitable for analyzing sensitive or confidential data.



  1. Click the "Choose a spreadsheet file" button and select the file you want to analyze.

  2. Once the file is uploaded, a dropdown menu will appear. Select the column you want to analyze from the dropdown menu.

  3. The tool will automatically generate summary statistics, a boxplot, and a histogram for the selected column.


Remember not to upload personally identifiable information when using this tool. If you are uncertain whether your data is appropriate for analysis with this tool, please consult with a member of your organization.


If you need additional help or want more detailed information about how to use the DAT or interpret its results, please review the technical directions page. You can also use this sample file to practice.

Preferred Citation: Courtney, M.B. (2023). Distribution Analysis Tool. Courtney Consulting LLC. (Date Accessed).

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