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Effect Size Calculator

This is a Shiny app for calculating effect size between two distributions. The user uploads a file containing data, selects two variables from the file, and the app calculates Cohen's d and Hedges' g effect size measures. It also displays a summary table and a density plot of the two variables.


  1. Click the "Choose a spreadsheet file" button and select the file you want to analyze.

  2. Once the file is uploaded, two dropdown menus will appear. Select the column you want to analyze from each ofthe dropdown menus.

  3. The tool will automatically generate summary statistics, a calculate both the Cohen's d and Hedges' g effect sizes, and create a visualization.


Remember not to upload personally identifiable information when using this tool. If you are uncertain whether your data is appropriate for analysis with this tool, please consult with a member of your organization.

If you need additional help or want more detailed information about how to use the Effect Size Calculator or interpret its results, please review the technical directions page. You can also use this sample file to practice.

Preferred Citation: Courtney, M.B. (2023). Effect Size Calculator. Courtney Consulting LLC. (Date Accessed).

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