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Data Training Courses and Workshops for Schools, Districts, and Universities

I offer data training courses and workshops for educators, school users, school districts, and universities to help them analyze their data in better and more meaningful ways. When you work with me, you will learn everything from basic data skills to advanced techniques. Use my workshops to get the most out of your data, and offer a real benefit to your students and schools.

The Importance of Data and Analytics in Schools


There is no doubt that the importance of using data and analytics in education is growing at a rapid rate; the power of data is crucial to rapidly improve the performance of individual students and your school. I am available to help equip your team of educators and other staff with the skills and expertise required to deeply and meaningfully analyze data to make better decisions.


Big data is rapidly reshaping how students learn, and a slew of digital classroom tools are quickly changing the teaching dynamics for educators and teachers. As an educator, you make important decisions for your students every day. I work with schools,  districts, universities, regional offices of education, and policymakers to identify creative ways to make education systems better.

Current Education System

Due to the growing data-driven education system in our country most students are now increasingly experiencing data-driven teaching as an entirely integrated component of a post-textbook, tailored academic world. Because of technology, algorithms are continually analyzing your behavior, both online and offline. In addition, they usually influence what you do and often steer you towards what to do next. Educators must learn to leverage these new data tools for the benefit of their students.

Support Student Success and Outcomes in School and Beyond

By leveraging technology and data training services to connect instruction, infrastructure, and assessment, I can help you create holistic and comprehensive views of your classrooms, students, and institutions that you can use to make a measurable and notable impact on student learning and success. Moreover, my experience and skills in data and analytics allow me to design a smarter and adaptive learning path for all students. I want to pass those skills along to you and your staff. 

  I help educators and school districts use data to support each student’s  

  needs and help leaders build excellent schools. 

Professional Development with Data Training

High quality professional learning can help develop instructional and leadership capacity by equipping your teachers with the best practices directly informed by updated research and my long-standing involvement with many schools and school districts across the United States. My professional development solutions for educators are collaborative and consultative; I design them to meet the diverse and changing needs of a school, school district, or system to enhance the quality of learning organizations to deliver effective results.

As your trusted data training partner, I can engage both teachers and leaders, developing organizational capacity to accelerate student achievement.

Significance of Student Data

I believe that all students deserve the best education, which affords every opportunity for these students to grow into successful and knowledgeable adults. However, every student in a classroom has unique strengths, a unique background, and a unique path to college and career. I know that everybody who has a stake in education—particularly educators and families—needs the right and most accurate data at the right time and in the proper format to serve the students along their unique journeys.

My training sessions on data and analytics can help you uncover insights that will help you make the best decisions for students. I focus on practical, real-world skills to get your team up and moving as quickly as possible. We can cover theory later - we need action now!

"Matthew Courtney brought energy and enthusiasm to the topics of data and evidence-based research for the purposes of school improvement.  His expertise as a researcher and as a practitioner was evident and his passion for using data to drive improvement was contagious.  He was very insightful and provided information and ideas educators could easily take back to their school and implement to support their improvement efforts."

~ Jennifer Horvath, Cognia

My data training and workshops provide the skills to perform evaluation and monitoring activities in schools, districts, and universities.  I can help you...

  • Simplify the monitoring and evaluation of academic programs to determine the academic program's effect on student performance and learning outcomes.

  • Perform predictive analyses and forecast to gauge students’ summative performance and identify areas for improvement.

  • Disaggregate raw data and evaluate the outcome of external factors that affect student outcomes and performance.

  • Leverage data analytics to make better and more informed decisions regarding the allocation of resources.

  • Use relevant data and insights to focus on various instruction gaps to help teachers and educators develop better instructional strategies.

I Make it Simple and Quick to Monitor and Evaluate Progress for Every Student in Your School


Student Success

The training sessions will help your team learn the practical skills to track each student’s progress across academics, behavior, and attendance so that every student gets the support and guidance they need.

Social-Emotional Learning

You can learn to use data insights to understand and support your students’ social-emotional needs—the mindsets and skills that are important for success in school, professional careers, and life.

Feedback Surveys

Learn to collect reliable and timely feedback from students, teachers, families, and staff about school culture and climate, engagement, performance, communication, etc.

Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience

My data training sessions allow you to arrange flexible hours, days, and groupings in order to fit best with the schedules of your teachers, leaders, and schools, thus helping eliminate or reduce the need for classroom coverage. I encourage schools and districts to book by the day. This allows for greater flexibility, for example, you could book a whole day with different training sessions in the morning and afternoon, one full day of intensive training for a small group of leaders, or a day of facilitated professional learning community (PLC) meetings followed by a faculty meeting to debrief and learn new skills. I can design a schedule with a diverse mix of introductory and targeted sessions for teachers and educators who have varying degrees of experience. I never do the same training twice! Everything is customized to meet your needs.

Virtual Options during Changing Times

It is no secret that times are changing! I offer virtual training options to help you get the training you need when you need it! Virtual options help save time and money and are easier to schedule. Don't want to give up a whole day? No problem! Ask me about tired virtual trainings - weekly online meetings with team building tasks in-between. Its like the best graduate course you ever had!


Learn Powerful Solutions and Data

Insights that Support Student and Schools

Research-Backed Data Analytics and Surveys

Learn to collect reliable and valid data from students, teachers, families, and staff on school climate, relationships, safety, and other critical areas and aspects of school life. Analyze and take suitable action on the data with in-depth and comprehensive reports.

Professional Training, Services, and Workshops

I understand the unique challenges facing your school, university, or school district. I will partner with you and coordinate programs, offer dedicated support, and provide training that develops data capacity and increases data literacy.

Advanced Student Support Solutions

Get familiar with how to visualize and effectively interact with student data across science, math, behavior, literacy, and attendance. Master the art of disaggregating data across various subgroups, and identify students that need intervention, and develop tiered intervention plans for your learners.

Everyone Benefits when Data is Working and Informing All Stakeholders


Students know their strengths and weaknesses and identify where they need to grow and improve. They can shape their education journey.


Parents or guardians know what actions they have to take to help their child on their path to success. They can become a better champion for their kids.


Teachers and educators know where their students are succeeding and struggling. As a result, they can help them improve and grow.

School Leaders

Leaders will know what is working and what is not working in their school. They can also make timely decisions, making sure resources support and facilitate excellent teaching and enhance student learning in their institution.

Community Partners

These people know what is happening with these children before 3:00 p.m. They can help both families and communities create more and better opportunities for students to thrive and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is student data?

You probably know several types of data support and facilitate student learning. Demographic and academic information and relevant information from teacher observations, student assessments, and student actions help empower students, parents, educators, and policymakers with a comprehensive picture of student learning to make suitable decisions.


What is the meaning of using data in service of student improvement and learning?

There is no doubt that data is one of the best tools to engage, inform, and create opportunities for all students in your classroom along their education journey, and data is much more than just test scores. Data will help you make meaningful connections that lead to powerful insights and improvements.

Who uses student data?

Many education stakeholders, such as parents, educators, and policymakers, use different kinds of student data, including course grades, test scores, and demographic information, to improve education and learning outcomes for students.

How do I make data work for ALL students?

Student data can transform education into a more personalized and customized experience that meets the unique needs of individuals, ensuring that you do not lose a single student along the way. However, for this vital transformation to occur, the focus has to shift from gathering data to prioritizing the efficient and effective use of data at all levels. 

Not quite ready to book?

No worries! Hiring a training consultant is an important decision. Before you go, make sure you check out the FREE data analysis tools that I offer on my webpage! They are a great way to engage your staff in a low-skill, practitioner friendly data analysis process.

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